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Spring and trees

25 May

Spring has arrived in my own backyard.

Let me explain: I live in a building that encloses its own courtyard and by the whim of the angles that affords it some sun, it took awhile to catch up with the rest of the plant life that has been unfurling or fully unfurled in the rest of Montreal.

I have been staring (not fulltime of course, I do have to glance at my computer every once in a while) at naked trees for at least 8 months now. When I walk the streets, I look longingly at other trees, wondering when my view would change. Apparently, while I wasn’t staring, the trees in our courtyard seemed to have blossomed over the weekend while I was sleeping in, running errands and going to the gym.

And today, they turned on the fountains. With the glorious sun in the background, it is a glorious day indeed.

PS. This is what happens when you don’t live in Miami anymore, you learn to appreciate blue skies and not take it for granted. You learn that winter really has the power to rob the soul of happiness – no matter that you are enveloped in love. Just like the trees, I felt naked and vulnerable during the winter, exposed to the elements – prone to sadness and melancholy. I guess the short of it is that I’m just glad it’s springtime.



7 Apr

Sometimes, I just want the world to leave me alone. When I say the world, I mean my family, my friends and even my husband – as much as I love them. I’ve always called it my reset button – being alone in my thoughts and tuning out the noise.

And there’s a lot of it going on, the noise that is. I can’t even begin to list them here because that would defeat the purpose of this exercise, wouldn’t it? I need to be free from all of it, even for a few minutes.

Though, the humming of the dishwasher, the sound of my husband shuffling about in the 2nd bedroom-turned-office, the thudding of our overly rambunctious neighbor upstairs, distract me. And I’m off center again.