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The why of it

29 May

“So, let me get this straight, you have a Facebook account and an ASW account, both social networks? But why?”

I was incredulously asked that question yesterday. I had to pause and consider the answer. D. answered for me, that Facebook is to connect with people that I already know and ASW is to meet people.

In truth, there’s more to it than that. Faced with seeming criticism and the unvoiced question of “You have time to do all these?”, I failed to mention that I also have a LinkedIn account, Twitter, answer questions and vote answers at Quora, curate fashion at Boutiques, keep this blog at WordPress, another tech blog at Posterous, used to have a Tumblr account (unattended), and numerous other things that I signed up for: Hunch, Plinky, Popplet, and Path to name a few.

As for time, well, as the main market and trends researcher of all things tech and startups in our own startup, I had the luxury of doing all of these on workdays. Although, as my role expanded, I have had to use my personal time to keep all of these running and active. And that’s where the not-watching-TV helps. The critics of time-sucking social networks fail to see that the most active people on social networks tend not to watch TV (unsubstantiated, yes, but only because I couldn’t find the link to that article) which is a bigger time-sucker. Also, they overlook the power of smart phones – I’ve written a lot of my posts in my Iphone while waiting in line, at the doctor’s office or at the Metro – and the mobility and spontaneity that it provides. I can justify the use of my networks as such:

  • Facebook is for keeping connected with friends and family in different countries and cities
  • Twitter is to get real-time updates on news and for annoying brands and services into action
  • Blog platforms are for posts such as this
  • Quora is to find out, for example, what web framework Zynga is using
  • LinkedIn is for professional connections
  • ASW is to meet new people
  • Boutiques is to get recommendations if I happen to like certain things

Going back to my point of it being more than that: I love Continue reading


The kiss and loneliness

25 May

I’m in the process of sifting through memories of being utterly alone and lonely when I first went to the US, working in yachting. The thought process was:

  • how great it is these days that you can meet somebody online and be friends with them in a foreign city, in my case via ASW
  • how awful those days were when I didn’t know anybody and with few options
  • how I’m still in touch with friends even though we live in different cities, countries
  • no matter what people say, social networks make the world a better place
So, there you go, I have just opened a window into the random space that is my mind. So while thinking of this, I remember how, armed with my new cross-stitching skills in 2001, I brought a template and all the tools on my first yachting job to craft my masterpiece of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”¬†and in the process, stave off the loneliness of living on a boat.
Let’s just say that I didn’t go far and abandoned my attempt at needlepoint.


I read some but I was seduced by the boat’s extensive DVD selection. It wasn’t all bad, at least I discovered Serenity, in one of those movie marathons on weekends when I only had $20 left (I had to send home most of my earnings, some quirk with laws regarding overseas workers) and couldn’t really do much. Besides, to get books meant looking for books within walking distance from the marina. I would have killed for e-books online shopping and speedy internet. I think of yachties now and I hope they realize how lucky they are – with Facebook, internet access almost a right and their due, online shopping – important escapes when, after 10 days of being in close quarters with the owners on board, you’re ready to murder someone.


I’m not really that bloodthirsty but we all have our tipping points, no?