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Crying over a spilled spreadsheet

8 Apr

I cried today. Over an Excel spreadsheet. When I say cry, I don’t mean a delicate sniffle and a tear or two. I mean puffy eyes, red nose and a decidedly un-delicate, if silent sob.

Perhaps I should try to explain but where to start really? A bullet list will probably explain it best:

  1. I sometimes feel incompetent doing accounting
  2. Maybe because I always felt like I’m not good in Math
  3. D. and I have always clashed over accounting (personal or company finances)
  4. The finer points of Excel were not really clear to me until about a year ago when I saw D. perform pivot tables and countless functions over hundreds of cells (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, sorry, but I’m not the best person to explain)

I can do data entries and expense tracking but equity value, share value and pivot tables (see bullet #4), it’s a little beyond me sometimes. Am I stupid or did I miss the bus on this one? Should I blame my dearth of math skills (see bullet #2) or my third-world country education? If it’s the latter, that would be a big cause for concern considering I went to one of the supposed best schools in the Philippines. Then, we’re really screwed.

As for bullet #3, that has changed somewhat over the past few months. D. has been very good in allowing for my errors or my bouts of madness (reasonable they may seem to me) when it comes to inputting data. It was a painful journey but I think we understand each other. It doesn’t stop the feelings of deja vu though, i.e. a knot in my stomach the size of a basketball when he questions me about accounting.

Or I could be omitting a bullet point here. I could be omitting the fact that I just feel so thinly spread, I just can’t catch up with what I have to do:

1. Learn Ruby and program some
2. Learn HTML/CSS and contribute to the website
3. Start speaking French before everybody realizes how slow I am
4. Accounting, always
5. Taxes
6. Re-work the company business plan
7. Joint venture agreement
8. Be a good wife
9. Play sports and stay fit
10. Write

10 seems like a good number so I’ll refrain from adding: cooking like a maniac, learn about Git, SSH and Zsh, write some more, etc. etc.

So, yeah, I cried. Did I at least succeed in justifying why I cried?


{} vs. []

24 Mar

Following the vein of my post yesterday regarding coding vs. real-life, no matter how much I want to bang my beginner’s head against the wall to rearrange my neurons so that curly brackets vs. square brackets signify a world of meaning, coding is still so much simpler than real life.

I want to bury myself in methods, blocks, tags and hashes – a rather fancy way of saying I want to bury my head in the sand. In Ruby, you put a period (.) and a method next to an object and the object obeys!


I mean, there are so many lines to be written down before the above, but there you have it! It’s so simple! Is it any wonder that I don’t want to figure out tax forms in 2 countries; immigration details; how to draft a joint venture agreement; talk to my sister about how to pay for our condo, etc. etc.

By now, it’s probably clear that:

  • a) I am in immigration limbo/purgatory (I could write a whole book about my immigration odyssey);
  • b) my husband and I are entrepreneurial enough to build a company without a safety net; which
  • c) in turn makes finances a bit tight.


I should, I really should. I’m okay, it’s all copacetic.

Dreaming in Ruby

23 Mar

class Dreaming

   def initialize(d)
   @dream = d
   @time = "soon"

   def display
   puts "So, your dream is #{@dream} and you want it to happen #{@time}."

   def grant
        if @dream.include? 'writer'
        puts "Don't worry, it will happen."
        puts "Keep on dreaming, hoping and working."


my_dream = Dreaming.new "to be a writer"




“So, your dream is to be a writer and you want it to happen soon.”

“Don’t worry, it will happen.”

(Sigh) If only it were that simple…