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How do you Croon?

19 Feb

In the midst of writing two marketing papers, preparing 3 presentations, studying finance and operations for 2 midterms, reading marketing for another midterm – all in the course of 2 weeks – I dream of these:

I found them via Flipboard a month ago and have been checking them out about once a week. They’re available direct from Croon in Bangkok or from UK Brown’s. It totally makes sense that I like something from Thailand since I already love their national sport, Muay Thai and their food.

I predict that this brand will make it big; piggybacking on the menswear inspired oxfords trend. Now, how to get my hands on a pair of these puppies?


A favorite, ugly thing

4 Oct

This seems to be the season or seasons for ugly shoes. As if we want to counterbalance the cutesy outfits with clunky, schoolmarm-ish footwear. To my surprise, I find myself (after a period of contemplation and twirling this way and that in the store) seeing their potential. Who can forget those loafers and moccasins in high school with the low to knee-high socks (for the shy ones)? And before you start imagining me in those schoolgirl skirts that launched a million fantasies, ours were long enough to be relegated to dowdiness.

So, yes, I bought a pair of oxfords and has worn them quite a bit to replace my Toms to battle the Boston chill. But these Loeffler Randalls are urging me to further expand my comfort zone: ethnic prints to draw even more attention to my ugly shoes. After living away from Miami for so long, encasing my feet seems to be more prudent (or prudish).