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Calling for Spring

24 Feb

And to further counteract the fact that the weather here in Boston is terrible, I decided to concentrate on the fact that springtime comes sooner here than in Montreal.

Just the idea of spring makes me so happy! Can you just imagine being a tree, getting ready to push out these cute little buds of leaves; to be decked once again in all your glory? And to be a flower, say a peony, just waiting to come out and be admired. It’s almost like getting ready for a ball (for women that is, I’m not sure if men feel the same way).

So, of course, it led me to dream about not wearing tights and boots and heavy coat. And of course, sandals! So here it is, isn’t it just lovely? I mean, you will literally have stars on your feet.


New York state of mind

16 Apr

I saw a dead body the very first time I was in New York, a homeless man in a gas station, surrounded by police officers. In retrospect, he may have been merely passed out but I was horrified, shocked and unjustifiably titillated in my belief that I was seeing my first dead body. I should have been put off but I saw it as another defining moment in my love affair with the city.

I can’t remember my first yearnings for NYC. It was probably a culmination of years of Hollywood movies, novels and falling in love with Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees in his 1996 rookie year when they went on to win the World Series. I mean, Godzilla and Armageddon hit New York – which I saw as a metaphor that things just happen there. Never mind that if Godzilla ever happens, I should be as far away as possible and if Armageddon happens, who cares where you are at that point?

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Of fur and animal prints

3 Apr

These days, I find that I have a hankering for fur, much like one craves for a piece of chocolate cake – totally unnecessary but it can alleviate a longing for that unnameable thing.

I remember when I was in my 20s (yes, yes, the secret is out that I’m in my 30s), my best friend veered towards animal prints and fur in her wardrobe (she was in her 30s). I didn’t get it, I went for minimalist and in a way, my style of dressing was older than hers. Then, poof! I was away from Miami one summer and I started seeing pictures of her on FB wearing heavenly things that I could see myself wearing. So, for awhile we were in sync.

A few years later, living in Montreal, with the hipsters in their colored leggings and French berets sitting lopsided on their heads, I’m at a loss. My Miami style of little dresses and barely there sandals, long, un-hatted flowing hair, does not belong here. But, my New York side, of glittering tops and high heels, is out of place as well.

Without meaning to, (more out of necessity because of the cold and D’s penchant for them) I found myself wearing tights and falling in love with leggings – which is practically blasphemy in Miami. Because why cover up those tanned, fine legs, darlin’?

And out of nowhere, this fur and animal-print longing. If my wallet can only afford it, I would have been off hunting for the perfect fur accessory or to hell with it, a fur trimmed jacket.

Is it because, like my friend, I’m in a stage where I want to assert my being hip at an age where I’m supposed to turn serious and mature? Am I afraid that in favoring a ┬áminimalistic style, I would inadvertently demonstrate my un-hipness?

Or maybe I’m going about this the wrong way and just stop questioning. As Coco Chanel once said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” If I could choose one, what could be more fabulous than a fur jacket?

Disclaimer: When I say fur, I, of course mean, fake fur.