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Joyeux anniversaire

1 Nov

Three years ago, during a crazy Halloween party in Miami, dressed as Rainbow Brite, I kissed a boy dressed as a fireman. And we’ve been together ever since.

Of course, there’s a lot of in-betweens: such as getting married, living in 2 countries, wrestling with immigration, surviving and living¬†entrepreneurship, student loans, etc. etc. But I’ll be here in front of the computer all night.

So, after valiantly going through a derivatives lesson with D. (The Boy) related to economics, wrestling with tons of accounting assignments and facing looming finals – I will take this moment and reflect on that 3 years. Joyeux anniversaire, indeed.

Note: I did try to look for photos of that night but there is simply no picture that can be publicly posted. That’s the beauty of going out with friends (they can be trusted) and the pre-Facebook-heavy era, there’s no digital footprint (that I know of) past the first few hours of that crazy Halloween night.


Spring and trees

25 May

Spring has arrived in my own backyard.

Let me explain: I live in a building that encloses its own courtyard and by the whim of the angles that affords it some sun, it took awhile to catch up with the rest of the plant life that has been unfurling or fully unfurled in the rest of Montreal.

I have been staring (not fulltime of course, I do have to glance at my computer every once in a while) at naked trees for at least 8 months now. When I walk the streets, I look longingly at other trees, wondering when my view would change. Apparently, while I wasn’t staring, the trees in our courtyard seemed to have blossomed over the weekend while I was sleeping in, running errands and going to the gym.

And today, they turned on the fountains. With the glorious sun in the background, it is a glorious day indeed.

PS. This is what happens when you don’t live in Miami anymore, you learn to appreciate blue skies and not take it for granted. You learn that winter really has the power to rob the soul of happiness – no matter that you are enveloped in love. Just like the trees, I felt naked and vulnerable during the winter, exposed to the elements – prone to sadness and melancholy. I guess the short of it is that I’m just glad it’s springtime.

New York state of mind

16 Apr

I saw a dead body the very first time I was in New York, a homeless man in a gas station, surrounded by police officers. In retrospect, he may have been merely passed out but I was horrified, shocked and unjustifiably titillated in my belief that I was seeing my first dead body. I should have been put off but I saw it as another defining moment in my love affair with the city.

I can’t remember my first yearnings for NYC. It was probably a culmination of years of Hollywood movies, novels and falling in love with Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees in his 1996 rookie year when they went on to win the World Series. I mean, Godzilla and Armageddon hit New York – which I saw as a metaphor that things just happen there. Never mind that if Godzilla ever happens, I should be as far away as possible and if Armageddon happens, who cares where you are at that point?

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