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Me, again.

10 Jun

Dull. Cowed. Broken. Numb.

These are the things that I perceive will happen if my spirit is ever broken. People are not meant to be solitary or so we’ve been told. We seek the comfort of being in the company of others. Isn’t it ironic then that when we are constantly in the company of others, who we are or the nit and grit of who we are becomes rounded and if we’re not careful, it can fade away.

I guess it depends it depends on how strong you are. I think I’m strong but my kind of strength is that of a reed that sways in the wind rather than the tree that is deeply rooted – unyielding, except for the fluttering of its leaves.

That’s always been my biggest fear with D. He is my tree and I yield more often than not. We promised each other: I won’t allow him to break me and he will give me as much space as possible.

But life intervenes and sometimes it’s just not practical. We live and work together. We’re stressed. We handle several projects at once. We want to start a family. And the list goes on.

This song is not just about D. also but this is for anything that comes my way. Because sometimes yielding is not the answer. Sometimes, I must hold my ground. Sometimes I have to say, “This is wrong. Follow me and I will show you the right way.”


Me, too.

27 Feb

This song has always resonated with me whether I was: wallowing in my made-up angst during my college years; awash in loneliness when I was in yachting; nursing a broken heart or more recently, when I encounter¬†Schopenhauer’s¬†porcupine’s dilemma.

“But you can’t kill my spirit

It’s soaring and it’s strong

Like a mountain, I’ll go on and on

But when my wings are folded

The brightly colored moth

Blends into the dirt into the ground”

Bless Paula Cole and her fierceness.