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All ye women

28 Mar

D. thinks I should take it on myself to inform the world, women in particular that the following are not attractive at all to men:

  • wearing long, bootcut jeans with heels, with the toes peeking out from the hem
  • walking, in heels, with toes pointed towards each other

    I am only happy to say that I do none of these things. I’ve always had a fierce walk, probably because of a hero worship where I emulated my older brother when I was about 10. It’s more of a swagger really: toes definitively pointing away from each other, as if eating up all space around my feet. Shoulders back, this one, from watching my older sister and for the sake of good posture, of course.

    As for the first infraction of wearing bootcut jeans with heels, I have to say that before I discovered the allure of skinny jeans, I was guilty of it and I did say so to D.

    His reply, “I can’t imagine you doing anything that will detract from how cute you look.” Amen.