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Spring in my step

16 May

What’s the word; bold? In a space crowded with gladiator style sandals, it is increasingly difficult to see one that really stands out.

I remember when I first wore my first gladiator sandals back in 2007 (the same time I got my invite to use Facebook, now that I think about it): it was a Tashkent by Cheyenne┬ásandals, normally too expensive for me but thanks to Shopbop’s sale, my feet were well-shod in a pair of pewter-colored shoes, garnering puzzled looks even in NYC. These days, they’re everywhere.

So when I went looking on Sunday to buy my spring-to-summer sandals, I was disappointed, at least with my price point. I ended up buying a pair of Nine West (?!) sandals which I will promptly return this week because, really, what was I thinking? Even D was puzzled by my choice, “Don’t you usually like them a little more designer than that?”

Yes! But if you want something unique, you gotta take the fish hooks out and fork out some real cash. Sigh. He knows me too well and offered that we will go to a more upscale store this week and try to satisfy my inconvenient craving for expensive shoes. In the meantime, I will drool over these: bold, beautiful, on-trend with its nude color and guaranteed to invite some comments.