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An auspicious day

1 Apr

Once I hit submit on this post, my “archive” will officially show “March 2011” and “April 2011”. I know, I am merely stating the obvious but… 2 months encompassing my blog! I’m feeling all warm and proud inside.

On another note, I had to use the dictionary and the thesaurus today as I wrote a draft for a business proposal. I am aware that I should use simple words but deciding between “circumstance” vs. “conditions” are quite important, at least from where I’m standing. And as I input the words and the synonyms leap back at me on my computer screen, I am reminded of when I had to carry the huge Thesaurus that we had at home, the pages marked with indented letters to guide my search.

I am also struck by the numbers of words that we hardly use, the cadence of some of them that we are slowly forgetting, favoring the quick and dirty. If lol and omg are now officially part of the English language according to Oxford, is there still a place for words like acquiescence and cornucopia? I love words and I love to be able to use the right word for the right situation, which is why I still search for interesting words in english and become delighted when I find something like this.

It could also be the reason why a year later of residing in Montreal, I still haven’t uttered more than 1 sentence in French even though my vocabulary has greatly improved. French words fail me and it’s frustrating and exciting at the same time. Imagine all of these new words for the taking, with so many nuances and double meanings. And the pronunciation! What can I say, I’m just happy I can rightly pronounce rendezvous with a definitive non-American accent.