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Monday blues

6 Jan

Apparently, today, January 6 is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. I can’t really blame some people for saying, being that the US is going through a polar vortex – right after the holidays. Being that I’m now in Miami, the worst I’m getting are scattered thunderstorms. Yeah, be jealous, be very jealous.

Looking through past posts though, I realize that I used to reserve Mondays for my favorite things! So, let me take some of those Monday blues away by waxing poetic about Christopher Kane’s Resort ’14 collection, specifically this skirt. I like that designers are being inspired by 3D digital imaging because that is certainly one way to stay relevant.

Christopher Kane skirt


Electric Looks

14 Apr

I used to have a Mini Cooper S in British Racing green with white stripes, white rearview mirrors and white tires. How I miss that car!

And just by chance I saw this: an electric Mini, in the works. Hopefully, by the time I can afford a car, this will be in commercial production šŸ™‚

Mellow yellow

31 May

I like dresses. It’s so easy, there’s no need to coordinate colors or patterns, or figure out whether the blouse will be tucked in or not (mostly “not”, in my case). What I like better are dresses, in yellow.

Is there a happier color than yellow? It speaks of summer, and dandelions on the field, of ice cream that tastes a thousand times better under the hot sun, of… just happiness. Sadly, it’s a hard color to find, unless it’s on trend like it is now but still not as popular as hot, fiery red. Oh well, if I can find yellow boxing gloves, I’m sure there is hope yet for yellow, summer dresses.