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Of passion and interests

23 Jul

Note: Yes, it has been awhile but this blog is and always will be in my mind. You will soon see why I’ve stayed away for so long.

I love the written word. I remember, that as soon as I learned my ABC’s, I would “read” a magazine and say every letter of an article out loud to anyone who cared to listen. When I did learn to read for real, I read every chance I could. Scarcity of children’s books in my home – we didn’t have enough money and there were no libraries around – made reading even more enticing.

When I was 12, my grandparents finished building their dream home just in time for their 50th anniversary. It was a big celebration and most of my family traveled from Mindanao to Luzon to visit my grandparents. What I loved most about that house was an area beneath the stairs, full of books – including a collection of hard bound books written for young adults, of biographies and Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. In a time when there was no Google, I was introduced to diverse historical figures such as Helen Keller and John Quincy Adams. That place looked so magical then that years later, when I visited as an adult who has traveled extensively, I couldn’t believe how small and unimpressive that space was.

I mention these because I have been in a state of indecision, particularly with what I want to do as a career. Recent motherhood and the economics of childcare vs. two working parents, have definitely factored into the decision-making. Having co-founded a startup and with a fresh MBA, I always thought that it is in my best interest to work for a big corporate firm to further my skills and to experience working in such an environment. Other than the fact that I only perfunctorily job-hunted, I was having second thoughts with this grand plan. Is that what I really want to do? Do I really want to abandon my daughter every weekday to an almost stranger so I can work 9-5 at a job I may not enjoy, end up disliking and get paid below market because of my relative inexperience? Never mind that I work hard and smart (this is not me blowing my own horn, this is actually from several feedback sessions with former teammates)?

With the help of D. and other family members, I brainstormed on what I love and three things consistently came up: technology, fashion and writing. Unfortunately, searching for job boards out there, we couldn’t find one that says: “If you love technology, fashion and writing, then come work for us.” Or at least, it’s not as clear cut. During one of my brainstorming sessions while nursing (of course, when do you think I have time to do this?), I realized that I will create that job. I am in a financial position, thanks to D., to be free to do what I want and still care for my daughter. I’m already writing, thanks to this blog. What I needed though is definition: what should I write about exactly? The result of that is: www.quiddityof.com.

noun: quiddity
  1. the inherent nature or essence of someone or something.
    • a distinctive feature; a peculiarity.
      plural noun: quiddities
      “his quirks and quiddities”

Watching the video above only solidified my resolve. Fashion and technology are my interests and writing is my passion. It is time to face that head-on and start – no more excuses, especially when I am gifted with a financial freedom such as this. Though at some point (working on this), I do plan to make money out of it 😊

If you have followed me here on my personal journey, I hope that you will also follow me on my professional journey. I will be keeping this as a journal of sorts, while I write about technology and fashion on Quiddity. If you enjoy my writing, feel free to share it, comment on it – whether it’s just to cheer me on or provide some feedback.

To the world of “professional” blogging, here I am.


Higher education, part 2

22 Feb

“Do you fear failure or success?” This question from Rivenrod on my post Higher Education gave me pause.

As I said to a friend of mine, not getting into an MBA program will not stop me from being a part of a startup or trying to build a business in the Philippines. I am not angling for a big time job in consulting or executive level strategy management in some Fortune 500 company. So, failure will not be the be-all or end-all of who I am.

The biggest reason why I would like to get in at this point is to save face – I want people to give me credit and know that yes, somebody, in fact an institution vetted me as worthy. But that seems so shallow and in fact it’s also not enough for me to fear.

They say, be careful what you wish for. And I think for me, that’s the crux of it. I’ve been wishing so hard for this and the rewards/consequences sort of frighten me: non-stop work through the weekend, more juggling of responsibilities and work especially if I want to start a family soon, HUGE student loans, not having the time for anything other than school and work.

Further, I’m planning to take an MBA with a focus on sustainability and social impact. Me, who likes fashion (as people know me) but actually secretly loves fashion. Me, who eats meat and has no plans whatsoever to become a vegetarian. Me, who loves to travel and use those carbon-consuming airplanes.

I’m not crazy by the way. The more I learn, the more I become conscious of the following:

– Fashion is most likely the height of consumerism because every season it drives people to consume more. To desire for this one thing that could just complete their wardrobe, except it never ends with 1 thing.

– There is no way that the world consumption of meat could ever be sustainable. Even if you’re not a granola-eating, Birkenstock wearing, tree-hugger, you have to believe this.

So, why did I want to get an MBA again? As I said to the interviewer and as I believe them to be, 3 reasons:

– To gain credibility as I build my company in the Philippines and continue to build my startup in Montreal, Canada; an MBA opens doors

– To have the chance to learn the fundamentals of business within the classroom and among my peers; I’ve learned these on my own so far and on the job

– To build on my network of future business leaders and entrepreneurs.

I’ll have to say Amen to that for now.

Mellow yellow

31 May

I like dresses. It’s so easy, there’s no need to coordinate colors or patterns, or figure out whether the blouse will be tucked in or not (mostly “not”, in my case). What I like better are dresses, in yellow.

Is there a happier color than yellow? It speaks of summer, and dandelions on the field, of ice cream that tastes a thousand times better under the hot sun, of… just happiness. Sadly, it’s a hard color to find, unless it’s on trend like it is now but still not as popular as hot, fiery red. Oh well, if I can find yellow boxing gloves, I’m sure there is hope yet for yellow, summer dresses.