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Per diem

31 Mar

As much as I vowed to post everyday, life has a funny way of intruding. There’s papers to write, code to learn, accounting to do, emails to write and respond to – which brings me to the question, “Did emails really make our lives easier?”

I have to agree on the speed, 5 seconds (more or less depending on the server) is mighty fast. But don’t you find yourself delaying a response or finding that you have nothing to say or can’t frame what you want to say?

It seems that email is too speedy that it robs us of words and in the end, the email becomes unstructured, muddled and confused. We write the words without conveying what we really want to say or ask.

Though, I digress: 1 post per day. Not 100% accomplished but 15 posts out of my first 17 days is not bad considering my pitiful attempts in the past. So, high fives all around and let’s get back to work.