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Birthday wishlist

2 Sep

Because it’s my party and I’ll dream about beautiful things if I want to.



L-R: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Rebecca Taylor, Steven (all from Shopbop)




L-R: Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent (from Net-a-Porter)


L-R: Black Halo, Diane von Furstenberg, 3.1 Phillip Lim (all from Shopbop)

Yeah, they all look so grown-up because well, you know, *I am* going back to school where clothes in good taste will be part of my “presentation”.



26 Jul

A friend recently got me hooked on Suits, a TV show about 2 lawyers (or technically just 1 lawyer and a pretend-lawyer). I love the show, but that’s beside the point. I have been drooling over the show’s wardrobe especially Gina Torres‘ character Jessica Pearson – a collection of perfectly tailored sheaths and suits. This Jason Wu sheath reminds me of that and oh, how I want one.

But let’s face it. It will take years, if not decades before I can realistically afford a designer wardrobe so I suppose, for my MBA business casual wardrobe, I’ll have to stick with this, a local Philippine brand that I discovered and fell in love with, if only because almost all their dresses and skirts have pockets. That’s a deal maker; I’m very practical, you know.

Mellow yellow

31 May

I like dresses. It’s so easy, there’s no need to coordinate colors or patterns, or figure out whether the blouse will be tucked in or not (mostly “not”, in my case). What I like better are dresses, in yellow.

Is there a happier color than yellow? It speaks of summer, and dandelions on the field, of ice cream that tastes a thousand times better under the hot sun, of… just happiness. Sadly, it’s a hard color to find, unless it’s on trend like it is now but still not as popular as hot, fiery red. Oh well, if I can find yellow boxing gloves, I’m sure there is hope yet for yellow, summer dresses.