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A *very* expensive wishlist

29 Feb

When D. and I talked about sustainability, we also talked about how I reconcile my love for fashion with consuming less. I never had a big wardrobe for several reasons: money, lack of space when I was living on boats and again, money or lack thereof.

But if money and space cease to be problems, am I going to go crazy? It seems almost a useless exercise because that time is years away (please, no more than 2?) and who knows exactly what kind of money are we talking about? But on the other hand, I like thinking (dreaming) about quality over quantity squared – meaning beyond my preference for high street and indie brands as opposed to disposable brands at the local mall.

So what would I get? Here’s the list and the prices will make you cringe:

1. Office wear – Roland Mouret

2. Suit – Chanel

3. Everyday big bag – Proenza Schouler (only because I think an Herm├ęs Birkin bag would be too excessive)

4. Fancy shoes – Christian Louboutin (although I think they’re too narrow for me, haven’t really had the chance to wear one, they are that expensive)

Okay, scratch that, since I’m thinking *more* sustainable, I should really go for Stella McCartney because she doesn’t use any animal skin at all and they still look fabulous:

5. Daily shoes – Loeffler Randall (I have been a fan from the very beginning)

This list seems to go on so I’ll have to stop here and ruminate on the near-impossibility of some of them right now.



14 Jun

I love embellishments on clothes: leather, beads, crystals – any other material that is “other” from plain fabric. For these to work and not look gaudy, it needs to be simple and beautifully tailored. I have nothing against plain clothes but the extra hardware makes me feel armored almost and it adheres to my fashion sense: effortless with an edge.

A delayed Monday

31 Mar

Monday was such a blur, I almost forgot to share one of my favorite things. The whimsy of a Markus Lupfer dress, because it straddles winter into spring and maybe even summertime: