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Calling for Spring

24 Feb

And to further counteract the fact that the weather here in Boston is terrible, I decided to concentrate on the fact that springtime comes sooner here than in Montreal.

Just the idea of spring makes me so happy! Can you just imagine being a tree, getting ready to push out these cute little buds of leaves; to be decked once again in all your glory? And to be a flower, say a peony, just waiting to come out and be admired. It’s almost like getting ready for a ball (for women that is, I’m not sure if men feel the same way).

So, of course, it led me to dream about not wearing tights and boots and heavy coat. And of course, sandals! So here it is, isn’t it just lovely? I mean, you will literally have stars on your feet.



24 Feb

It is an absolutely dreary day in Boston and here I am at my apartment’s study room trying to come up with brilliant words to describe a business idea for agriculture in the Philippines. I look over and I see some brave souls sailing in 1 C weather and as much as I want to stop doing what I’m doing right now, I’m glad I’m indoors, the fluorescent lights washing over me my pallid skin and the glow of the computer hurting my eyes.

But, what to do to cheer me up and soldier on? Hmm….

See the contrast? I bet I managed to cheer you up.

A favorite, ugly thing

4 Oct

This seems to be the season or seasons for ugly shoes. As if we want to counterbalance the cutesy outfits with clunky, schoolmarm-ish footwear. To my surprise, I find myself (after a period of contemplation and twirling this way and that in the store) seeing their potential. Who can forget those loafers and moccasins in high school with the low to knee-high socks (for the shy ones)? And before you start imagining me in those schoolgirl skirts that launched a million fantasies, ours were long enough to be relegated to dowdiness.

So, yes, I bought a pair of oxfords and has worn them quite a bit to replace my Toms to battle the Boston chill. But these Loeffler Randalls are urging me to further expand my comfort zone: ethnic prints to draw even more attention to my ugly shoes. After living away from Miami for so long, encasing my feet seems to be more prudent (or prudish).