Monday blues

6 Jan

Apparently, today, January 6 is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. I can’t really blame some people for saying, being that the US is going through a polar vortex – right after the holidays. Being that I’m now in Miami, the worst I’m getting are scattered thunderstorms. Yeah, be jealous, be very jealous.

Looking through past posts though, I realize that I used to reserve Mondays for my favorite things! So, let me take some of those Monday blues away by waxing poetic about Christopher Kane’s Resort ’14 collection, specifically this skirt. I like that designers are being inspired by 3D digital imaging because that is certainly one way to stay relevant.

Christopher Kane skirt


What I’m listening to right now

6 Jan

Thanks to Spotify, I’m discovering new songs. Although I did use to listen to Smashing Pumpkins back in the day. I don’t know what the lyrics of this song mean but I find the sound to be very haunting.

A trip through 2013

31 Dec

It’s been a long hiatus. I can’t believe I went 5 months without writing anything and even before then, I wrote sporadically. That usually happens when there’s too much happening to me; too much to digest; too overwhelming to share. Not only have I imposed a hiatus on blogging, I also refrained from posting too much on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It was all just too, too much.

Not in a bad way, mind you. It’s just that I found words and even pictures to be too inadequate to describe everything. But, the end of a year forces us to examine what has happened before and find the things to be thankful for. I think that’s a universal feeling.

So what has happened in this amazing year of 2013? I think it best to describe these in buckets rather than in chronological order so bear with me. And just as D. has shown me, bullet lists are just THE best:

1. Traveling. You might recall my brief stay in San Francisco/Palo Alto. Then it was back to Boston/Cambridge where I pretty much was in limbo. It turns out, that feeling was very much justified in so many ways: that was my worst module (equivalent to half a semester), productivity-wise in business school and I found myself heading to Shanghai, China a month later.


Then traveling to Manila, Philippines a few times to see D. while he worked on a startup.


2. Moving/Short-term living in 3 countries. No, I don’t consider Palo Alto to be a separate country though they would like to be considered a separate state. I do count the US, China and Philippines in this list.

3. Graduating. And yes, I graduated from one year of B school “with distinction” at that. Funny how I didn’t know I made the cut. I wanted to and I did work my a$$ off towards the end but I always thought my worst module (see #1 above) would bring all my grades down. It did but I managed to claw my way up. And why wasn’t I informed of this? Probably because I changed my campus to graduate at the last minute. As in, my classmates in Shanghai were already renting their graduation gowns when I emailed Boston to please include me in the graduating class. I arrived in Boston the night before graduation and when I went to the venue in the morning for a practice run, I was surprised to see my name in the top instead of in alphabetical order. But it was only when the MC was practicing calling out our names that I found out I was graduating “with distinction.” I thought that was pretty cool.

4. Expecting. Oh and did I mention that D. and I are expecting? I think this is the crux of what I find hard to explain and to share. Pregnancy is supposed to be this private and intimate thing but the physiology of it makes the experience subject to public scrutiny. I am constantly taken aback when complete strangers ask me when I’m due and whether it’s a boy or a girl. I don’t think I’m ever offended or upset, it’s just… surprising. Despite my presence in social media, I consider myself to be a relatively private person.

It wasn’t all bad because I do get priority access in lines (at least when I was really showing, otherwise D. had to shoulder his way to the front of the airline priority access and say that I have to sit down like now) and there is just a general softening of people towards me somehow. It is quite amazing. For all our cynicism, life in its infancy still astounds us.

So. Am I ready for 2014? I made a statement to a friend that I am torn between anxiety, excitement and this desire to delay the due date because seriously, how am I going to deal with these HUGE changes coming soon? Logistically, I am ready, I think. But in so many ways, I’m really not and that’s okay too. Either way, thank you to 2013 for an amazing year. It was in so many ways, quite a trip.