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What I’m listening to right now

6 Jan

Thanks to Spotify, I’m discovering new songs. Although I did use to listen to Smashing Pumpkins back in the day. I don’t know what the lyrics of this song mean but I find the sound to be very haunting.


Raw. Wreck.

15 Jun

…Kiss. Shift. Tear. Rend. Deep. Pain. Numb. Bend. Delve. Envy. Yearn. Near. Raw…


12 Apr

So I was searching for a word to describe the state of my mind right now and “limbo” came to mind. Being the researcher and data hog that I am, I immediately searched for what limbo means and its etymology. Interestingly, beyond the theological connotation of “edge of hell” from the Latin word limbus, it can also refer to deleted files that can still be restored. Thank you Wikipedia.

Why am I in limbo, you ask? Well, after the last module’s craziness in Cool-ifornia, I find myself with 2 courses. One of them, Finance, I was starting to like because of my fun professor last module but now I’m dreading because I don’t know where my current professor is leading us. The other course has put me smack in the middle of a business simulation where I hardly have an idea of what I’m doing. And because I pride myself on my general management and facilitating skills, I pretty much said “me, me” for the position of President. And my teammates, bless them, allowed me.

So 2 courses that are not holding my interest, spiced with non-school activities – taxes, company (the real one, not the one in simulation) concerns, moving to another continent, student debts, unpacking, then re-packing – I feel a little off and not my usual self. So, how do I save myself? Love, of course 🙂 D. has been helping.

Other than that, I can always count on: junk food, P!nk, and Hulu.