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The skinny

17 Jul


People always tell me, “Oh, but you’re so skinny.” Even though I don’t feel like it. Even though I’m always self-conscious about my belly. Even though I had to size up within the past year.

But that’s not really the point. The point is that when some people say it, they make it sound like I have it so easy. That I don’t have to worry about my calories because I will “always” look good. And it just pisses me the heck off. So, when I read this article on how a woman spent $7800 on losing weight after pregnancy, I’m a little incredulous.

First off, $7800, even over the course of 12 months is a lot of money. Second, she did not exactly follow a diet plan during pregnancy if the Butterfingers are any indication. Third, I’m amazed at the whole tone of blaming the celebrities for perpetuating the myth that women can easily get back to pre-baby shape.

Don’t get me wrong. I do believe that it is one, big, fat lie. I know that pregnancy changes a woman’s body in sometimes unflattering ways. I believe that it will be extremely difficult to get back in shape. Nine months of growing can’t simply be reduced in less time than that. But I never for one minute think that celebrity weight losses are something that I can easily follow. For one thing, they have lots of money to hire someone to yell at them every single day for several hours a day (or an hour a day) to get their butts off the couch. Plus, it’s their JOB. Maintaining their weight is part of their job.

For normal people like you and me, we have to push ourselves to turn off the TV, put away the junk food and slog our way to the gym. It’s just too much effort.

But that’s exactly my point. It takes a lot of freaking work to be in shape. And I don’t think we spend enough time pointing the fingers at ourselves instead of the media, the celebrities, our neighbors or whoever else we can blame. I’m not talking about kids who really have no idea what they’re eating. I’m talking about full-grown, educated adults who should know better.



My Biology teacher once said: “A minute on your lips, forever on your hips.” And boy, was she right. Whenever I eat that extra french fry (which I had tonight, by the way), I understand the ramifications. Which is why, I will be going to the pool tomorrow to exercise and hit the gym right after to spend a few more minutes cycling. In the old days and I hope they will come again soon, I would train in Muay Thai 2-3 times a week, squeeze in some squash and maybe some swimming. Do I enjoy them? Heck, yeah. But the reason I enjoy them is because I took the time to find something that interests me. Again, with the understanding that if I have to force myself to exercise every single time, then it’s a losing battle. Does it get any easier? Heck, no. It’s intense, it takes time, it costs money but it’s totally worth it.


People think I don’t struggle because, oh, I’m so skinny, aren’t I. Guess what, I work for it, not just in exercise but also in willpower (which I have been lacking these past few days but I do have it). I’ve also invested a lot of time being active long-term with the understanding that with all the temptation of food, diet alone can’t save me.  I actually have to move my a$$ and it doesn’t have to cost me $7,800, that’s for darn sure and I take responsibility for every pound that I gain.

(Thanks M.P. for pictures 1 & 3. The rest were taken by a photographer during Muay Thai training camp in Thailand.)



13 Feb


My most recent homework in Finance, courtesy of the Pearson platform (which can send you into a panic if you miswrote something because now, you have the “final” check), elicited a lot of complaints from my Finance class. For one thing, all our homeworks have been painfully hard and time consuming. But this took the cake: 1-2 hours each for 4 of the questions. And my super cool professor says (paraphrased, obviously):

“Look, I’m not your boss. If you don’t finish your homework, I’m not going to fire you but if you want the points, then you go for it. At some point in a 1-year MBA and in life, you have to learn to prioritize. The homeworks are there for you to learn.”

And I’ve been turning those over and over in my head. I have just been exhausted – partly because of all the changes, the commute but mainly from being sick. When I started the MBA, I wanted to focus on learning and the A’s were simply fringe benefits. I want that focus back and get away from this grades mindset. Anyway, this is really about Finance-isms that my professor has come up to explain some concepts. I promised myself I’ll document them just for laughs.

On the differences between Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy:

“Imagine you buy a cow and you borrowed some money to buy that cow. Well, you realized you couldn’t pay for that cow and your creditors start asking for money, so you declared bankruptcy. In a Chapter 7, you realize that the only value of the cow is in its individual parts. Let’s say, you can sell the liver. So you cut up the cow and the creditors get the pieces. In a Chapter 11, maybe the cow can still give you some milk and you can sell that milk. So you keep the cow alive until you squeeze all the value out of it.”

On using formulas for stock valuations:

“In the original Grimm’s Cinderalla, when the footman brought out the silver slipper for the stepsisters to try on, they cut off their feet to try to fit in the slipper. It’s bloody and messy.”

On evaluating the NPV of the base scenario and the proposal:

“People say that the base scenario is the status quo and that’s simply not true. The base should take into account the consequences if you don’t take the proposal. Let’s say you’re driving, and there’s a brick wall ahead. Do you veer off and hit the ditch or you cruise along? The status quo in that situation would be that you keep cruising so you don’t get to hit the ditch. That sounds good if you completely forget the brick wall ahead. The real base proposal is that if you continue to cruise along, you’ll hit the brick wall.”

Electric Looks

14 Apr

I used to have a Mini Cooper S in British Racing green with white stripes, white rearview mirrors and white tires. How I miss that car!

And just by chance I saw this: an electric Mini, in the works. Hopefully, by the time I can afford a car, this will be in commercial production 🙂