3 Jul

“… this particular island required a whole different category of praise. Paradise came close, but that rang a bit trite. A happy accident, it thought – a string of mishaps, to be precise – suited it much better. Shelley’s toe was utterly convinced that Boracay had not come about on purpose. If it had, it would be forced to accuse God of favoritism…. He hoarded beauty like a secret stash of chocolate. Boracay was His kitchen drawer.”

I just finished reading Before Ever After by a Filipina, Samantha Sotto and it was just so appropriate to quote her as my feet touched the sands of Boracay. I can’t believe I used to live 4-5 hours away in university 10 years ago and never came here. You see, words are important. If someone had described Boracay to me as such, I would have visited a thousand times.


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