A long hiatus

26 Sep

The empty text box looked at me accusingly. How could I have stayed away for so long?

And sure enough, in a matter of more than 2 months, WordPress has even managed to update its dashboard, underlining my absence from blogging. Unfortunately for me, writing in a blog is not like reuniting with a long lost friend. It is hard to just pick up where you left off. Or is it the other way around? I can’t even find clarity in that.

I suppose I can start by bullet points, a trait I adopted from D. since the time he proposed to me with bullet points. Very efficient, I must say:

  • Moved to Cambridge, MA about a month ago to start D’s MBA at that “other” university in Cambridge
  • Very stressed with the border crossing but it turned out to be very smooth (funny how things can get so out of proportion in our minds, then they mock us with their innocuity)
  • Made some friends with the significant others (spouses/girlfriends)
  • Met some of D’s classmates (But why, oh why, can’t I get rid of this feeling of being so out of place in both occasions?)
  • Went to Cancun for D’s former company retreat (Yey! Can’t turn down these freebies especially when they involve five star treatment)
  • Another anxiety with the border crossing back to the US (will I ever rid of it?) then got really angry because a) the agent was so mean and uninformative b) he stamped my passport on my visa, right on the “VISA” logo, making my entry date barely legible c) we missed our flight back to Boston
  • Been working like mad on our social enterprise in the Philippines (more on that later)
So, now that it looks like I’m updated, I can log back in maybe later today or tomorrow without that nagging feeling in the back of my mind.
I will leave with this photo, a beautiful sunset over Fenway Park (boo! I’m a Yankees fan but beautiful, nevertheless). Baseball is so American that it is representative of my being back in the US and being closer to my friends, being in Boston where I never thought I would live in (despite dating a Bostonian before), the beautiful weather that is much warmer than Montreal, not feeling out of place because I do enjoy watching baseball and cheering, and my ever evolving/growing/loving marriage with D. with whom I watched the game with even though he had (I think he likes it now) no interest in baseball.

2 Responses to “A long hiatus”

  1. Tita September 26, 2011 at 4:51 pm #

    So glad to see you back here. I missed your blog!! 🙂

    • sussurus September 26, 2011 at 4:59 pm #

      Thanks for following! Now that I’m back here, I realize how much I missed it. Miss you amiga!

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