Truth = no apologies

24 May

D. would never presume to break my heart without me knowing it. There is no subterfuge in him, no apologies in his wants, desires and demands. He says what he means and means what he says.

I always said that that’s the kind of man that I want. After the games and half-truths (or outright lies in some cases) with the men in my past, I have nurtured a healthy respect for honesty and trust. This song is about that. It’s about being lied to, about believing that the person is what he portrays himself to be. It’s about being taken by surprise, the ground falling beneath your feet and realizing you were alone the whole time.

I see that still, not in my marriage, but in other people’s relationships. I understand and I can empathize because sometimes, truth can also be a burden, a stab in the heart, instantaneous instead of delayed. But, I would choose that over an unceremonious unveiling after a period of ignorance. I choose truth over being taken for a ride.


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