9 May

This is the man I love. He lets me soar but he can also break my wings. He loves me with an intensity that can sometimes scare both of us. And I love him with a ferocity that I never thought I would be capable of.

We love. We fight. We laugh. We cry. Sometimes in a matter of hours.

Love is never simple. It requires that you make yourself vulnerable. It requires, maybe even demands, that you open yourself to any and all possibilities. It pushes you to fight, give in or hold your ground.

I used to write about heartbreak and about distance between lovers being an exquisite pain. But, I managed to explain somehow. Love and all that it brings makes me pause and think. And think again because how do you explain it really? How do you describe the ups and downs that is requisite in a committed, read: marriage, love match where your thoughts and actions encompass the past and the future, on top of the now?

While I struggle with words, here we are – loving, fighting, hugging, laughing, crying and everything in between.


One Response to “D.”

  1. Tita May 16, 2011 at 12:29 pm #

    Great picture (considering that I know better about photography than writing).
    I feel the same about Love. Isn’t it crazy how we thought Love was a total different thing?? and now, when you really feel it, became such a fantastic/confusing spectacular feeling?

    You have a very nice way to describe Love 🙂

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