Of Edges

30 Apr

I have nothing to say, had nothing to say for the past few days now. I had so much inside me, I thought I would not be able to contain it, but contain I did.

Some things can be too painful to say out loud. Or some things pass us by, exquisite in the emotions they invoke that we feel we will be transformed and will retain the memory for the rest of our lives – then, nothing. What we felt at that moment was actually more ephemeral than we thought.

But such is life, with its details, its drudgery, its highs and lows. Such are emotions, deeply felt, then they’re gone. Such are hurts and blows, acute in their pain that we just want to bury them and never speak of them again. Never is a long time though, so we find once again, sometime in the future or sometime today, reliving them and crying as if they were happening in the now.

I am blabbing but I think it’s safe to assume that you know what I mean. Joy, triumph, followed by fights and anger, a reconciliation, tears and laughter. The complexities of these emotions and of love – there are times when all I can do is skirt around them, explaining the edges instead of the essence.

I’ve explained the edges, now I have nothing to say until that future happens when I can remember once again.


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