29 Mar


Back in the day, when you go to a store and you pick up an item, the price was either handwritten or printed on a sticker. The cashier then inputs that by hand and, in cases of produce items, had to memorize the cost of a head of lettuce or a dozen apples. Good for the memory, not good for the shopper’s patience and the bottomline.

(I shouldn’t say “back in the day” since I’m pretty sure that in the Philippines or as is the case in most developing countries, the practice is still very much around.)

Then somebody had the brilliant idea of putting barcodes on grocery items to make things more efficient, which means more money for the grocery owners and more time in the hands of the shoppers. Technology is a great thing in solving such problems.

Now, if only, there’s a technology to prod shoppers along or to change some really bad habits:

Apparently, that precious time afforded by that innovation is now spent on standing around, looking at the cash register, as if, one can invoke a 50% markdown on the item being scanned.

And that little stick on the conveyor top to separate what’s mine from what’s yours? It has a purpose. You’re supposed to move it to demarcate that line, allowing me to put my heavy items on the counter, I will do the same to the next person…. and we will all contribute to this efficient system.

Things like these don’t really mess my day but when I think of the fact that because 3 people in front of me did that, I will miss the perfect time to bask in the beautiful rays of the sun, touched with a hint of spring. So, I am a mite annoyed at these people.

Take it as words of wisdom from a former yacht crew who provisioned thousands of times for fancy parties and major family gatherings.


2 Responses to “Mini-rant”

  1. Rivenrod March 30, 2011 at 9:36 am #

    Clarity of observation. Mini thoughts like this sometimes help with the bigger picture…thanks . . . R

    • sussurus March 31, 2011 at 7:37 pm #

      Clear mini thoughts usually happen while in the thick of things. It would be nice to automatically record them as it happens and if not, at least have the luxury to write them down soon thereafter which is the case in this one.

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