Lost, hopefully soon to be found

23 Mar

My husband lost his wedding ring or at least we couldn’t find it. Some guy at our YMCA gym could be enjoying the spoils of pawning off a platinum wedding band or maybe that person just forgot to give it back. What are the odds, really?

I had nothing to do with it, I swear. But, by my very nature, I somehow feel responsible. I should have told him to wear the gold one (we have two sets of rings, that’s a story for another day). Did he really give it to me before jumping in the pool and I simply forgot and somehow jostled my bag enough to dislodge it towards the floor? Again, because of the way I am, I remember details like that.

So I’m in agony, not so much for the loss of the ring, although that will hit me much later (how can he let two days pass before figuring out that it’s missing?!! what does that mean?! does he still love me? and so on….). I’m in agony because somehow I feel like I could have prevented it. Even if he had it the whole time and set it down before lifting weights, I still feel like I should have noticed and reminded him.

Yeah, that’s me: control freak, uber-responsible – as if I could prevent any and all disasters; a regular, homegrown Oracle.


One Response to “Lost, hopefully soon to be found”

  1. Cielo V. Capitan November 6, 2012 at 8:18 am #

    be easy on yourself! Love doesn’t depend on the ring.

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