Monday is for favorite things

22 Mar

My fiery Argentinian friend and I used to bemoan the boring connotation of Mondays.

“Bleh. I just don’t feel sexy on Mondays.”

Mondays were reserved for pajamas, preferably with a tub of ice cream while watching an old movie or reading. I feel somewhat the same about Mondays, no matter that my husband thinks I’m sexy everyday of the week so I figure I’ll spice it up every week with a favorite item found from scouring my favorite e-shops on the web. Yey, Mondays!

This Alexander McQueen cape is reminiscent of

2 Responses to “Monday is for favorite things”

  1. Tita April 12, 2011 at 9:14 pm #

    Excellent words!!!!!!!!!!! I need to share your blog with my boyfriend, it would help me explain him something about a female brain 😉


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    […] through past posts though, I realize that I used to reserve Mondays for my favorite things! So, let me take some of those Monday blues away by waxing poetic about Christopher Kane’s […]

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